topu lyo

cellist + electronics. experimenting in topographical textures.

i use cello as my primary tool to create music and textures.

i live in nyc. i began playing cello at the age of 8 in albuquerque, nm under the tutelage of anne cole who always encouraged my experimentation and creativity.

i am corean american. i’ve been living and producing music in nyc since 2004.

i'm 1/2 of the band live footage. we have held a 10+ year residency every sunday at apotheke until covid. we have recorded 10 records and scored countless commercials, films, and plays.

i’m 1/2 of the band new indiana with my friend randy. we make minimal folk music.

also my friend salenta and i have put out an album last february and have a show coming up on december 16th. more soon on that. you can find our album on bandcamp.

livefootage scored jeen-yuhs – documentary of KANYE WEST presented by nexflix. 21 years in the making coming out in early 2022. it will be an amazing trilogy!

basketball has always had such a huge impact on me as a kid and adult and is one of the lenses that i view the world thru! so amazing to see dance inspired by it. amazing to work w such a brilliant team and composer ian chang.

20200902 catch live footage on childish gambino’s track algorhythm. dj dahi and kurtis mckenzie found our custom sample pack we made for samplephonics. you can find the pack here.

20200902 playing with caroline polachek at MOMA

did some cello for this talented artist dawn of may

20200901 wrote and performed strings for this song ‘dirty nikes’ by ruth b.

performing at summerstage in prospect park along with tortoise playing TNT

never posted this amazing song w emily wells in belgium <3 . one of the best experiences of my life touring w her!

20191204 release of live footage x danny meyer this saturday at the creamery. @cover by tori huang

20190613 two bedroom flat is now on soundcloud.
excited to have this album up on all the streaming platforms on soundcloud, spotify and bandcamp. on to the next one which will be live footage w danny meyer. we will be playing at public records on the 25th of June in support of William Brittelle’s new album spiritual america! should be a great and exciting show.

strings and arrangement on another ruth b. track.

short film of sage kotsenburg - live footage did some music to.

red dead online.
played some dark cello tones on this soundtrack! thanks to luke o’malley for guiding this meditation and making this beautiful score!

20200730 The New Tape Op interviews emily wells and i make a cameo

salenta + topu moon set / moonrise released. available for purchase on our bandcamp page!

we’re so cool #11–performance
donating 100% of proceeds to @brooklynbailfund who are committed to challenging racism and injustice. @flyer by tori huang